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…on our “About Us” page that we care about selecting our partners based on their passion for what they do, the quality of the goods they make and the trustful relationship that we are able to develop with them. And one of them is Sketch Interior. We are very enthusiastic about them as people and as a business and we are very fond of their furniture. We have decided to do a little write-up and tell you a bit more about them to share the love for their furniture. We are proud to be among the few Australian retailers entitled to sell their products and we hope you will love them just as much as we do.

Sketch-logoSketch in a few words equals simplicity, honesty, quality, functionality and old-fashioned craftsmanship. Sketch is a collection of everyday classics crafted with excellence in their factory outside Ho Chi Minh City, where we met them at the time we were living in Vietnam. According to Sketch Interior’s founders “good traditions are worth keeping”. And this is what we love at MuBu Home. We are young (kind of!) but we do appreciate traditional furniture making techniques – there is something sacredly artsy, fascinating, nostalgic and highly respectful about them. We see a piece of furniture as a treasure to cherish for years, and when it comes to you with a lot of love, respect for the materials and a story to tell, there is nothing more beautiful about it.


Sketch sees their trade as a craft. Their recipe for quality is the combination of time, highly skilled people, experience, dedication, quality materials and traditional manufacturing methods. It is a young, modern, forward thinking company that works the way craftsmen did in the olden days. Key to Sketch Interior is working with people of the highest pedigree. The technical team of Wooden Stories, their sofa branch, is led by Englishman Bill Bash, a Master Upholsterer with over 40 years of experience producing sofas for some of the top brands in the world. Sketch also work with leading designers Morten Georgsen and Tonny Glismand & Karl Rudiger of By Kato. Georgsen’s long and successful career has provided innovative design solutions for famous brands in the business. Glismand and Rudiger have been scooping many design awards for their ability to make honest and practical products full of originality.


Come and check out our Sketch Interior products on display at our store in Elsternwick 3185, VIC. You will feel the difference!

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