“Quality is not an act, it is a habit.” Aristotle.

Fantasy author Terry Pratchett wrote about the economic theory of boots…

… for those of you who don’t know him the continent of XXXX features in a lot of his work, you might recognise it. His theory was a rich man buys a pair of good boots that are comfortable and warm and last him ten years, a poor man buys a cheap pair of boots that barely last a year and always leak. Over that ten years the poor man has spent far more on boots and still has wet feet. Buying furniture is a lot like that. Quality last, cheap and cheerful soon becomes broken and depressing.

Furniture is the centre piece of our homes, but it needs to have both form and function. We need to have the style to suit our home, our taste and our lifestyle. Why after going to all the trouble of finding the right style and colour and size to fit our room, should we compromise on quality? Quality means it will last longer, be more comfortable, have all those extras that make life easier and flow smoother and in the long run will end up saving you money. And no, it does not mean abandoning other big projects and dreams that are dear to you. For us it is traveling, an education fund for our daughter etc. So quality is what we stand for, and what we fight for every day. This is what we love.

Furniture is the first thing people notice when they enter our home, it’s the main interaction they have with our house. Comfort and style mean you feel at home in your own home. Invest in fewer but good quality pieces that will last and will make your house into the lovely and stylish home you deserve. At MuBu Home, we pride ourselves in offering great quality furniture at affordable prices, for the modern family, just like us.

MuBu Home x