Design Trends for 2017

It’s hard to believe that 2016 is drawing to a close!

Time marches on, however, and so does design, so here are a few Scandinavian design trends that will be making a big impact on 2017.

Folding-style wooden chairs

They don’t actually have to fold up, but skeletal; pared down chairs with brutally simple styling will be a big feature next year. What’s great about this style is that you can keep it simple and ascetic or you can dress it up with sheepskin or woollen throws.

Grey interiors

Grey doesn’t have to be flat, dull and headache-inducing; there are many shades that feel soft, warm and comforting. So choose one of these and mix it in with lots of different textures and colours. Speaking of which…

Pops of bright blue and green

This is something of a Scandi staple and it’s not showing any signs of going anywhere. A bright blue rug, a feature wall or print, a throw, or a phalanx of bright green cacti will all serve to break up the soft grey and add a focal point to a room.

Wooden or slatted walls

Wooden walls – either planks or lengths of 2×4 – have been spotted in corporate and restaurant settings for a while now and they’re making their way into the home. It adds a nice, classically-Nordic sauna sort of feel that works well in the winter and in the summer.

Black and white stripes

We’ve had chevrons, dots and circles recently, but 2017 is set to be the year of the stripe. Not so much in clothes, but in home accessories like over-sized cushions and pillows, rugs and throws and even artworks.

One ahead-of-the-curve style tip is to use washi tape or similar to create patterns and designs on walls, but if you want the Nordic look, use plain black on a light background.

MuBu x