Linoleum Love

What creates the distinctive aesthetic of the Writer’s Collection by Allan Nødebbo is its linoleum tops.


Linoleum is a high quality, natural surfacing that is both durable and elegant. It is beautifully matt and soft to the touch.

Linoleum dates back a long time ago. It was discovered by chance by English inventor Frederik Walton when he saw how a solid but flexible film formed on top of linseed-oil-based paint. Tada! The natural product turned out to be perfect for floor and wall coverings. Linoleum was first patented 150 years ago but its relevance to current home building trends is greater than ever as linoleum is all natural and biodegrable. It is made of linseed oil but also includes pine rosin, finely ground limestone, cork flour, wood flour and colouring pigments.

How do you keep your linoleum table top clean?

Basic routine care is required, simply wipe your table top with a warm cloth and a gentle, pH-neutral cleaner. Normal precautions such as using coasters under glasses, ideally placemats etc. is recommended too.

Stand out from the crowd with the gorgeous Writer’s Collection, available for viewing at our showroom in Cheltenham 3192.

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