A Bit More About MuBu and Their Handcrafted Timber Furniture

A Bit More About MuBu and Their Handcrafted Timber Furniture

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-What on earth does MuBu mean? ;-) MuBu is a combination of syllables of our names. We wanted to tell a personal story through our brand name, we wanted something short and easy to remember. Mu represents Michael and Bu represents me, Saskia.
- It’s been a very bumpy road since the beginning of MuBu but an adventure! We started our own furniture range with hardly anything but a big dream, a little workshop that Michael built from scratch and which looked like a lab!
- We are a small family business and we feel that every customer that gets in touch with us and | or purchases our products becomes part of this little family of ours. We are grateful for the ever so heart-warming appreciation they have for our products. We care.
- Michael is our MuBu furniture designer and maker and he is a chef by trade. It’s after working in Copenhagen for 6 years and indulging in everything Scandinavian that he made a career move into furniture manufacturing. A creative chef with a designer mind and a DIY attitude towards everything in life.
- The more we go, the more we feel like doing even more of our own ‘stuff’ :-) We love creating unique products that are our signature, a reflection of our aspirations, products in which we put our heart and soul.
- MuBu furniture is simple. This doesn’t mean it’s cheap, though; it’s minimal and designed to be strong and very striking. It’s also designed to stand the test of time and the waxing and waning of trends. We don’t do seasons and collections for this reason – when one of our designs makes it into our range it’s there to stay.
- Our drive for simplicity also means that our furniture can travel. Our beds arrive disassembled but their design is simple and efficient making assembly very easy.
- What we look for in any interior? Windows - plenty of them, plants, and furniture that instils a sense of stillness and calm and that invites to self-reflection.
- We do all our photography ourselves. It's no easy task as we are no photographers and it sometimes takes us days to get the right shot. But it's also one of our favourite things to do for MuBu so we wouldn't have it any other way.
- Our personal goal for this year 2017: to live life more ‘slowly’ and to go on a little holiday with our daughter. Time off is all too rare these days!
MuBu x

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