Timber & Modern Furniture

Are you looking to upgrade your home with quality furniture? Then look no further than our stunning timber and modern furniture crafted in Melbourne. Our furniture is carefully designed from American Oak or Tasmanian Oak to create timeless pieces that will last for years of use and enjoyment.

The production process puts love into every piece crafted and ensures customers get furniture they can cherish long term. With our sustainable and lasting furniture, you'll be investing in the perfect addition to any home. The quality of materials guaranteed by our commitment to excellence speak for themselves: Mubu furniture is simply unmatched in its style, sophistication and classic designs.

We know how important it is for customers to feel comfortable with their purchase decisions, so we strive to make delivery as easy as possible! 

For quality timber & modern furniture that's sure to leave an impression unwavering impact year after year - invest in our furniture today!


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Carefully considered. Locally crafted.

Solid Timber Furniture

At Mubu we believe there is no greater joy than to invest in
beautifully made products for the home. Beautifully crafted
products that will add to your lifestyle and remind you every day
of a beautiful purchase, a piece of furniture you bought once,
and well. In an ever changing world where fast consumption rules,
our mission is to focus on the long-term, the sustainable and the
lasting. We take an immense pride in crafting our products to order, right here in Melbourne, from our family to yours and for
years to come.

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About Mubu

Carefully considered. Locally crafted.

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