Modern Coffee Tables

At Mubu, we believe your home is a reflection of your life, and our solid timber furniture help set the scene for lasting memories – whether with friends or family. Our modern coffee tables are designed and crafted in Melbourne with materials chosen for their strength and beauty. With high-quality construction that exudes elegance and style, these tables will be a stunning addition to any home.

We have handcrafted coffees tables that make for a timeless accent piece in any living room. With lasting construction built to stand up to everyday wear and tear, mixed with smooth curves for classic refinement, these tables accessorise the room without overwhelming it.

We take pride in knowing that every purchase from Mubu helps you create a home environment that's as unique as you are. Relaxing happens when there's music playing, good food cooking…and beautiful pieces of furniture adorning the room. So upgrade your space today with our modern coffee tables from Mubu – invest in timeless furniture built to last!


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Carefully considered. Locally crafted.

Solid Timber Furniture

At Mubu we believe there is no greater joy than to invest in
beautifully made products for the home. Beautifully crafted
products that will add to your lifestyle and remind you every day
of a beautiful purchase, a piece of furniture you bought once,
and well. In an ever changing world where fast consumption rules,
our mission is to focus on the long-term, the sustainable and the
lasting. We take an immense pride in crafting our products to order, right here in Melbourne, from our family to yours and for
years to come.

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About Mubu

Carefully considered. Locally crafted.

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