We Love Scandinavian Design

We Love Scandinavian Design

We love clean, uncluttered minimalistic lines and...

...love adding the warmth and vibrancy that makes a house a home. For us removing the fuss, increases our ability to sit back, rest and relax.

Scandinavian design ethos dictates that things need to be functional, affordable, and with that particular Nordic elegance. Scandinavian design has been at the fore front of furniture design since the 1950s, and that’s as true today as it was 60 years ago. We love designers that seek to challenge the traditional, or even the possible. But it’s this honest approach to design and function, coupled with the idea that the home should be the heart of the family that makes these designs and style so successful. A chair should be pleasing to the eye, and comfortable to sit on. That's the sort of pieces that Mubu Home is after and is proud of selling.

Ideas coming out of nations that are known for snow, ice, and fjords find a place in sunny Australian homes simply because the ideas are not about the location or the house, but about the home and the person. Scandinavian design puts comfort and form right alongside style and aesthetic beauty.

Mubu Home stands for style, quality and affordability. Does affordable mean lower quality though? Far from it, the Scandinavian traditions of design include functionality, honesty, and the highest standards of quality whilst also being affordable. It is that pared back minimalism that allows both affordability and quality.

So how do you introduce this style into your own home? Choose your furniture for its function. What do you actually need in the room you’re transforming? Then like when you are dressing to go out the accessories make the look, and equally like dressing you can dress up or dress down the stylishly simple pieces. Don’t be afraid to go for quirky or stand out individual pieces that can be complemented with more understated other items of furniture. This allows your home to reflect you, and a little change of accessory here and there and you have a new look, be it for one night, or for the seasons.

Have a browse of our products, we know you’ll like what you see, and start imagining how you can bring this timeless yet modern design ethos into you home and lifestyle.

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