Cosy Up Your Home For the Coming Winter with Modern Furniture

Cosy Up Your Home For the Coming Winter with Modern Furniture

Winter is coming, and while Oz ...

doesn’t exactly turn into snowbound Winterfell the mercury does drop a bit and many people feel the chill. This doesn’t mean that the central heating has to go into overdrive, however, as there are ways to keep warm that also impart a bit of Nordic style to the home.

Invest in some fleece blankets

Anyone who’s ever been to Scandinavia will know how most cafes and bars offer patrons blankets if they plan to sit outside. Usually from Ikea, the warm fleece blankets are draped over the backs of chairs or folded up in boxes, ready to be deployed at even the hint of a shiver.

So follow suit – bright, chunky blankets, folded neatly over the arms of chairs and sofas – perfect for those days and nights when it’s just too chilly to relax but not cold enough to fire up the boiler.

Use throws

Throws are really versatile – they can be used to make hard furniture warmer and more comfortable, or be laid on the floor so children can play without complaining about cold tiles. They also double up as really thick blankets and are also invaluable as a visual cue of warmth. One thing about Scandinavian style is its sense of open space and sparing use of colour and this can make some people feel cold even when it’s just a bit cooler than normal. Just looking at an inviting colourful throw makes people feel cosy, even if they don’t wrap themselves up in it.

Get rugged up

Rugs are big news in Scandinavia. Admittedly, some of them are made from reindeer hides, with sheepskins also being very popular, especially for children’s rooms. If you’d prefer not to go down the fur route, however, you’re far from out of options. Rag rugs, woollen and mixed fibre rugs all have their place in the home and offer a splash of colour as well as comfort.

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