Dezeen Awards 2023 Winners

Dezeen Awards 2023 Winners

The world of design and architecture gathered in anticipation at the Dezeen Awards 2023 ceremony, held in collaboration with Bentley. Among the outstanding projects and talents recognized, here are some of the winners that stood out for their exceptional contributions to the industry.

Emerging Designer of the Year 2023: Audrey Large

French designer Audrey Large, based in Rotterdam, emerged victorious as the Emerging Designer of the Year. Her interdisciplinary approach seamlessly blends analogue and digital methods, showcasing digitally rendered designs that come to life as 3D-printed furniture and sculptures. Large's creations, born from hand drawings and digitally distorted, blur the lines between art and design, challenging conventional boundaries.

Judges' Insight:

"Since graduating in 2017, Audrey Large has developed a unique visual language that involves 3D-printing objects based on hand drawings, which she digitally distorts. Ranging from furniture and homeware to abstract sculptures, the resulting pieces blur the line between art and design, digital and handcraft."

Designer of the Year 2023: Pearson Lloyd

East London design studio Pearson Lloyd, founded by Luke Pearson and Tom Lloyd, claimed the prestigious Designer of the Year 2023. With over 25 years of expertise, the studio focuses on creating products, spaces, and services that respond to daily challenges. Their recent projects, including a Gen Z-friendly classroom furniture collection and an innovative timber chair with replaceable components for Takt, showcase a commitment to rigorous research and a minimal planetary burden.

Judges' Insight:

"PearsonLloyd has taken a pivotal shift in recent years to shore up its design methodologies for the 21st century. Every new project needs a reason to exist and aims to deliver maximum benefit with minimal planetary burden."

Interior Designer of the Year 2023: Patricia Urquiola

Milan-based Patricia Urquiola, leading the multi-disciplinary Studio Urquiola, received the Interior Designer of the Year award. Known for her prolific work across industrial product design, architecture, and art direction, Urquiola's recent projects, such as outdoor rugs inspired by woolly jumpers and a flagship showroom for Moroso in New York, reflect a sensitive response to contemporary and heritage environments.

Judges' Insight:

"Recent projects, including hotels and residential, have demonstrated a sensitive response to both contemporary and heritage environments while adding Urquiola’s signature colour contradictions, rich textures, flourishes of greenery and a strong dialogue between craft and the industrial."

Emerging Architect of the Year 2023: Sumayya Vally

South African architect Sumayya Vally, founder of Counterspace, earned the title of Emerging Architect of the Year. Renowned for her groundbreaking work, including the 2021 Serpentine Pavilion and artistic direction for the inaugural Islamic Arts Biennale, Vally explores expressions for African and Islamic hybrid identities and territories.

Judges' Insight:

"An emerging star, South African architect Sumayya Vally is one of the world’s most exciting young architects. Since gaining global attention as the youngest-ever designer of the high-profile Serpentine Pavilion, she has gone from strength to strength, designing installations and bridges as well as being artistic director for the first Islamic Arts Biennale."

Material Innovation of the Year 2023: Colorifix by The Mills Fabrica

The Mills Fabrica's investment in Colorifix secured the Material Innovation of the Year award. Colorifix pioneers an entirely biological process for producing, depositing, and fixing pigments onto textiles. This innovative solution, utilizing a synthetic biology approach, eliminates the need for harsh chemicals, leading to substantial reductions in energy and water consumption.

Judges' Insight:

"Colorifix offers a transformative new way of dying textiles using biofabrication that can be applied to both traditional fibres and the new generation of biomaterials."

House (Urban) of the Year 2023: Spruce House and Studio by Ao-ft

Ao-ft's Spruce House and Studio in London, built using cross-laminated timber (CLT), claimed the House (Urban) of the Year award. This sustainable construction project reflects Ao-ft's commitment to creating living environments prioritizing well-being through bio-based natural materials.

Judges' Insight:

"A self-build project that exemplifies where design makes a difference to the quality of architecture."

House Renovation of the Year 2023: El Priorato by Atienza Maure Arquitectos

Atienza Maure Arquitectos restored El Priorato in Trespaderne, Spain, securing the House Renovation of the Year award. This project presented a compelling and sensitive approach to the restoration of a 16th-century Castilian house, striking a careful balance between old and new.

Judges' Insight:

"This house presents a compelling and sensitive approach to the restoration of an existing building where the understanding of and care for its existing fabric and context is evident in the architectural approach."

Cultural Project of the Year 2023: 32° East Arts Centre by New Makers Bureau

London-based New Makers Bureau designed Uganda's 32° East Arts Centre, earning the Cultural Project of the Year accolade. The project, featuring rammed-earth walls and earth bricks, exemplifies the value of local production and construction techniques, creating a culturally sensitive and environmentally conscious hub.

Judges' Insight:

"A project that feels like it always belonged to this place, the building exemplifies the value of local production and construction techniques."

Highly Commended: Cultural Project of the Year 2023: Bundanon Art Museum by Kerstin Thompson Architects

Kerstin Thompson Architects received a highly commended recognition for the Bundanon Art Museum in New South Wales. Integrating innovative solutions to tackle flooding and fire risks, the project presents a sensitive and elegant addition to the landscape.

Judges' Insight:

"A series of sensitive and elegant additions to the landscape, this project responds to flood and fire risks in a way that promotes ecological awareness and creates generous spaces for living and learning."

These winners and commendations represent the pinnacle of creativity, innovation, and sustainability in the design and architecture realms. Each project and individual celebrated at the Dezeen Awards 2023 has left an indelible mark, shaping the future landscape of design with their groundbreaking contributions.

We hope you enjoyed learning about them x 

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