Forecasted 2024 Design Trends

Forecasted 2024 Design Trends

New year, new design aspirations. Here are the top trends to look out for in the coming year, we turned to online magazine Veranda for details. 

The relentless pursuit of inspiration takes us to design meccas like High Point, Field+Supply, London Design Festival, and the New York Tabletop Show, where we glean insights that shape the future of aesthetics. Here are unearthed five major design trends predicted to dominate the scene in 2024.

  1. Unique Materials

 The recent High Point Furniture Market presented captivating pieces constructed from unconventional materials, transcending traditional wood and upholstery. From selenite-covered nightstands to lighting crafted from eggshells, creativity in materials is pushing the boundaries of design thinking. In 2024, the search is on for unique items that make a space stand out, emphasizing the significance of creative materials in design.

  1. Elevated Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture is shedding its stereotypical look, inching closer to indoor elegance. According to Burrow, distinguishing between indoor and outdoor pieces is becoming challenging, with collections like Carrier & Company Outdoor for Century and Susan Hable's new collection for Hickory Chair blurring the lines. The outdoor space is now treated as a room, allowing for power and visual interest. Embrace this trend by bringing indoor elements outdoors, enhancing your exterior with chic throw pillows, soft blankets, and stylish lighting.

  1. Soft Curves

Soft curves strike a balance between bold design choices of the past, offering a middle ground between straight lines and overly rounded compositions. Described as "more shapely and feminine curves" by Burrow, this trend reflects an amalgamation of timeless design elements. Expect to see furniture and decor featuring graceful, gentle curves, adding a touch of sophistication and warmth to interiors.

  1. Oversized and Artisan-Made Ceramic Lighting

A shift towards showcasing a human touch in living spaces is evident in the demand for oversized and artisan-made ceramic lighting. The trend reflects a departure from clean-cut perfection, with an appreciation for natural beauty. Handmade ceramic lamps in oversized forms make a visual impact, emphasizing the desire for unique, artisanal touches that enhance the character of a space.

  1. Cork

Cork, a versatile and sustainable material, takes center stage in 2024. Rachael Burrow notes that cork's strength and uniqueness make it a standout choice for homes. The material appears in various forms, including fabric and wall coverings, emphasizing a return to natural materials that connect with nature. This trend reflects a growing preference for elements that resonate with authenticity and a closer connection to the environment.

In summary, the design trends for 2024 are intertwined with a quest for individuality and personality in living spaces. Handmade, unique, and thoughtful sourcing are becoming paramount, as people crave a more personal connection with their homes. These trends signify a move towards a more conscious and considered approach to design—a shift we can all enthusiastically embrace.

Stay ahead of the curve and infuse these upcoming trends into your living space for a stylish and forward-thinking 2024.

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Here's to a stylish and forward-thinking 2024!



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