Healthy (and haunting) Halloween Recipes

Healthy (and haunting) Halloween Recipes

Halloween is just around the corner, and it's time to conjure up some deliciously spooky treats for your celebration! Whether you're hosting a haunted house party or looking for creative snacks for your little ghouls and goblins, we've got you covered with these healthy and fun Halloween recipes πŸŽƒπŸ‘».

Roasted Pumpkin Hummus Jack-O'-Lanterns

Transform your pumpkin into a savory delight with this Roasted Pumpkin Hummus Jack-O'-Lantern recipe. Roasted pumpkin, garlic, tahini, and chickpeas come together to create a creamy and flavorful hummus. Serve it back in the pumpkin shell for a festive touch. Get the full recipe here.

Bat Nachos with Guacamole and Sweetcorn Salsa

Fly into the spirit of Halloween with these Bat Nachos! Cut bat shapes from wholewheat tortillas, bake until golden, and serve with a side of guacamole and sweetcorn salsa. This recipe adds a healthy twist to the classic nacho experience. Get the full recipe here.

Freaky Fruit Monsters

Turn ordinary fruits into freaky delights with this creative recipe. Mummy bananas, tangerine pumpkins, apple fangs, lychee eyeballs, and grape snakes come together to form a spooktacular fruit platter. Perfect for a healthy and eye-catching Halloween centerpiece. Get the full recipe here.

Spooky Stuffed Peppers with Grains

Give your Halloween dinner a healthy makeover with these Spooky Stuffed Peppers. Carved with spooky faces, these peppers are filled with a flavorful mix of mixed grains, sundried tomato paste, and fresh basil. A delightful and nutritious addition to your Halloween feast. Get the full recipe here.

This Halloween, ditch the sugary treats and embrace a healthier approach with these spooktacular recipes. Whether you're hosting a party or preparing snacks for your little trick-or-treaters, these dishes are sure to add a flavorful and festive touch to your Halloween celebration. Happy and healthy haunting!

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