Healthy Habits: A Guide to Making them Stick

Healthy Habits: A Guide to Making them Stick

A habit is like an autopilot for our daily actions, and when it comes to health, good habits can be a game-changer. We imagine effortlessly choosing a nutritious breakfast or opting for a workout when stressed. It's all about making these healthy behaviours a part of our routine. In this guide we are sharing a friendly and straightforward approach to help us build and maintain healthy habits that stick.

  1. The Power of Habits:

A habit is something we do without even thinking about it. This is why healthy daily habits are easier to maintain than sporadic healthy choices. For instance, if we are in the habit of having a wholesome breakfast, it becomes second nature.

  1. Recognising Our Triggers:

Every habit is triggered by something, often a situation or emotion. To change a habit, first, we need to identify what's triggering it. Are we reaching for unhealthy snacks when stressed? (Oh yes, we’re totally guilty of that) Understanding our cues is key to making a change.

  1. Finding Healthier Alternatives:

Once we know our triggers, we need to look for healthier alternatives to our habit. For instance, if we usually have a beer or a glass of wine after a tough day, we should consider swapping it for a relaxing walk or a soothing cup of herbal tea.

  1. Repetition is the Key:

Habits become stronger when we repeat them, especially if we do them consistently in the same context. If we aim to exercise daily, we should try to make it the first thing we do in the morning. This repetition will reinforce the habit.

  1. Setbacks Don’t Define Us:

Changing habits isn't always smooth sailing. Life can throw curveballs, and we might slip up (we personally do) But let’s not see this as failure. Even the most successful habit-changers stumble along the way. Just dust yourself off and keep going.

  1. Persistence Pays Off:

Building healthy habits is like a skill. The more we practice, the better we become. Studies show that people often need several attempts to establish a new habit. So, if we don’t succeed at first, we try again. Self-improvement is all about perseverance.

In the journey to a healthier us, building and maintaining healthy habits are our allies. These changes don't have to be daunting; they can be simple. Just like anything worthwhile, it takes time and patience. So, let’s identify our cues, find healthier options, repeat, and if we stumble, let’s not give up. Embracing the power of habits and paving the way to a happier and healthier life. Our well-being is worth every effort. Let’s do this! 

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