Matching beds and bedsides - How To?

Matching beds and bedsides - How To?

Matching bed frames with bedside tables isn’t always an easy feat. Don't wait until after purchase to spot mistakes. Here's a quick guide to nail the perfect pairing:


  • Is matchy-matchy the rule? Not always! Mix materials and textures for a balanced, inviting vibe.


  • Height Harmony: Include the thickness of your mattress into the equation. Shop around for all 3 items at the same time if you can. Measure from floor to top of the mattress for precision (see further below for more on this)


  • Scale Matters: Pair bed size with bedside table width. Maintain proportion for a harmonious look.


  • Material Play: Diversify finishes – pair soft upholstered beds with sturdy materials like timber or marble.


  • Tone It Right: Avoid monotony with bedside and flooring tones. Add variety for a softer, calmer feel.


  • One Star Shines: Let bed or bedside shine, not both. Elaborate bed? Opt for simpler tables, and vice versa.


  • Mix Styles: Blend design styles for a unique appeal. Think beyond categories to achieve a captivating fusion.


  • Set the Mood: Consider desired mood – luxurious, calm, organic? Match bed and tables to evoke the desired ambience.


  • Start with a Focus: Begin with the bed as a focal point. Use it as a base to guide bedside table selection.

More on mattress height: we’ve witnessed mattresses getting thicker and thicker over the years. So much so that we have been adapting some of our design details to suit. We can customise the height of our bedsides slightly, up to a certain point. There is no set rule when it comes to bedside height to mattress height - same level, lower or higher than the mattress: the choice is yours plus the style of the bedside will also play a part in this. Is it a low lying design? Is it a tall bedside with plenty of storage? Options are endless. What you will want to do is to find out at what height your bed slats sit, add the thickness of your mattress so you know how high off the floor your mattress tops sits. Then look into bedsides and ask us for help if you need any :) 

Remember, it's all about balance, harmony, and personal style. Keep these tips in mind, and you'll master the art of matching beds and bedside tables flawlessly! 

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