Create a Scandanavian Oasis in Your Home with Modern Timber Bed Frames

Create a Scandanavian Oasis in Your Home with Modern Timber Bed Frames
One thing that the Scandinavians are renowned for...

is being laid-back. They’re cool, calm and collected (most of the time) and a lot of this demeanour comes from their surroundings and habits. They like to take time out to relax, whether it’s a day on a lake or a morning spent talking over fika – coffee and cakes.
It’s also important that the home fosters a sense of rest and calm and as the bedroom is somewhere where we spend at least a third of our lives, it’s vital that it’s an oasis of simplicity and relaxation. Too many bedrooms are neglected, cluttered places which feel and look too busy for you to really relax in. So, how can you recreate the Scandinavian bedroom in your own home?
It’s a place of rest
This may seem like a no-brainer statement, but what this means is that there’s no work desk, no laptop, no files; nothing, in short, that isn’t conducive to leaving the cares of the world behind. Aim for a bedside table or two with some books on, as well as a cosy corner with a comfortable chair and some thick throws to nestle into.
Get rid of your carpet
We all know how they eschew carpets in Scandinavia, so strip your bedroom floor back to the wood and use a big rug if your feet get cold in the mornings.
Bring in some foliage
Some plants actually help to clean the air, so your bedroom is an ideal place for them. In addition to this, bringing the outdoors in is a key feature of Scandinavian interior decoration. The pops of green will work really well against the wide expanses of your neutral bedroom walls.
Neutralise your bedroom walls
No chintzy wallpaper or dark maroon feature walls to be seen here… You need calming colours. Soft greys, off-whites, pale blues or greens are the order of the day. They’re easy on the eye and make any decorative features you bring in stand out – you won’t need to many because they won’t have to compete with your walls.
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