The season to pause & reflect

The season to pause & reflect

As we bid farewell to summer and welcome the crisp embrace of autumn, there's a palpable sense of change in the air! For many, ourselves included, autumn is a season of comfort and renewal—a time to slow down, reflect, and prepare for the colder months ahead. With the days growing shorter and the nights becoming cooler, we find comfort in the simple pleasures of this transitional season.

As temperatures drop, we find ourselves reaching for cosy blankets, warming cups of tea, and the warmth of our favourite hoodies and cardigans. It's a time to nestle into our homes. What’s to learn from this gentle transition from summer to autumn that brings with it a shift in our daily rhythms and routines? 

  • Changes in the landscape: 

It's a time for reflection as we assess the successes and failures of the past growing season, making plans for the year ahead. Whether it's pruning back overgrown shrubs, harvesting the last of the season's bounty, or simply taking a moment to admire the changing scenery, autumn invites us to connect with the natural world in meaningful ways.


  • Days grow shorter and the nights longer, there's a sense of slowing down: 

we find ourselves drawn to activities that nourish the soul—long walks in the crisp autumn air, leisurely afternoons spent curled up with a good book, and cosy evenings by the pitfire, roasting marshmallows. It's a time to embrace the art of hygge, the Danish concept of cosiness and contentment, as we create warm and inviting spaces that soothe the spirit and replenish the soul.


  • In the kitchen, autumn brings a bounty of seasonal delights

from crisp apples and hearty root vegetables to warming soups and stews… It's a time to gather around the table with loved ones, sharing nourishing meals and cherished memories. As we savour the flavours of autumn, we're reminded of the importance of nourishing both body and soul, finding sustenance in the simple pleasures of good food and good company.


Autumn reminds us of the importance of taking time to nurture ourselves and those around us. Whether it's through simple acts of self-care, meaningful connections with loved ones, or moments of quiet reflection, we wish you a great season ahead enjoying the simple pleasures of this transitional time, finding comfort and joy in the changing colours, the crisp air, and the gentle rhythms of nature.

mubu x 



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