The Sustainable Style Revolution

The Sustainable Style Revolution

With an annual expenditure of $5 billion on fashion, Australians are increasingly mindful of the environmental consequences, as half a million tonnes of clothing find their way to landfills each year. The prevalent use of synthetic fabrics, such as enduring polyester, raises eyebrows, taking a staggering 200 years to decompose. In a groundbreaking study, 72% of Australians voiced strong concerns about climate issues, signifying a shifting paradigm in public sentiment.

Fashion's Carbon Footprint

The cyclical nature of fashion, perpetuated by an incessantly compressed fashion cycle and the ephemeral allure of Instagram trends, fuels a disposable mindset. The damaging belief that an outfit must be worn only once has seeped into our consciousness. As a result, wardrobes are rapidly cycled through, contributing to the environmental crisis.

Empowering Consumers and Designers

The fashion industry's negligence towards Mother Nature falls upon both consumers and designers /  manufacturers. Some Australian designers are taking up the mantle of responsibility, positioning themselves at the forefront of the sustainable movement. The spotlight is on homegrown talents who balance aesthetics with social responsibility, crafting pieces that are both stylish and environmentally conscious.

Meet the Vanguard: Sustainable, Local Labels

Here are our top picks from Australia Vogue’s round up of the sustainable, local labels you need to know.


This contemporary womenswear specialist holds an Ethical Clothing in Australia accreditation, producing transeasonal collections in limited runs. Personal tailoring services and a commitment to a lifetime of clothing repairs make Arnsdorf a beacon of sustainability.

For more information click here

Friend of Audrey

Inspired by Audrey Hepburn's timeless minimalism, this Sydney-based label advocates for 'less is more.' Producing pieces in limited quantities and using natural fibers, Friend of Audrey adheres to a 'flow fashion' philosophy, combating overproduction.

Check them out here.


A family-run business, Peony produces swimwear from entirely recyclable materials, including Econyl, a regenerated nylon sourced from repurposed fishing nets. Compostable packaging adds to the brand's commitment to sustainability.

Get your swimwear here.


Lis Harvey's Nico is an underwear label focused on sustainable practices and top-quality staples. Using certified fabrics like Oeko-tex and Modal, Nico creates undergarments free from toxic chemicals or harmful dyes.

Learn more about the brand here.


This Bondi-based activewear label pioneers sustainable activewear, repurposing over 1 million plastic bottles into custom fabric. Compostable mailer bags and swing tags underscore Nimble's commitment to environmental responsibility.

Shop you activewear here.

Natalie Marie Jewellery

Dedicated to ethical craftsmanship, Natalie Marie hand-makes each piece of jewelry to order, minimizing environmental impact. Meghan Markle is among the fans of this sustainable jewelry brand.

Take a look at their brand and products here.

Grace Loves Lace: Specializing in bridal gowns, Grace Loves Lace aims for sustainable sophistication with over 80% of pieces made to order. The recent Amitié collection is crafted from 97% recycled materials, emphasizing the brand's dedication to making a positive difference.

Click here for all the details.

Fashion, when crafted with a conscience, becomes a powerful force for change. As we celebrate these designers, we invite you to join us in fostering a community committed to conscious choices. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive exclusive tips on mindful living, and be a part of a movement that values quality, purpose, and a brighter future.

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