The Top Minimalist Interior Design Trends Right Now

The Top Minimalist Interior Design Trends Right Now
We’ve been minimalist for a while now and while you may not have gone full KonMari just yet, you’ve probably decluttered a bit or decided to buy one quality item instead of two or three mediocre ones.
If you want to go further down the minimalist route then here are some ideas to look the part. Looking the part is an important step towards becoming the part.
Declutter a bit more
You probably only scratched the surface when you last decluttered, so go that little bit further. Clothes you’ll never diet into, old cards, old cricket gear. Stop holding them because of memories, or “just in case”. If something makes you feel beholden, or obligated, then get rid.
Do the OI-OO method
This is one in-one out. If you buy some new coffee cups, donate your old ones to charity. If you see something in a shop and you want to buy it, ask yourself if you’re willing to part with the version you already have. If not, then put your card away. The same goes for furniture – do you already have something to serve the purpose? Does this new, coveted item serve more than one purpose? If it does, it could be a goer; but only if it replaces something else.
Use basic colours
One thing that marketers tempt you in with is new shades. You’re asked to buy an entirely new object or device because it’s come out in a new shade. If you stop caring about subtle changes in shade, you won’t be tempted to buy the thing and fill your home with more things. Stick to neutral or your most favourite palette.
Choose quality over quantity
If you’re going to buy fewer things, then you have to make sure that what you buy is top-notch and serves at least two purposes. If you want boiling water, invest in a hot water tap rather than a kettle and a boiler, for example. This saves space on your kitchen counter.
Use more textures to break up the space
If you’re using a neutral palette then you should bring in some changes by adding different textures. Silks, rough woollen blankets, wood, metals…they all have a part to play.
Use storage that you love and show off what you love
Well-crafted blanket boxes, sleek-looking quality bookshelves and framed kids’ paintings. These are much better than off-the-peg flatpack items that start to fray and crack after a couple of years, even if they do hide away towels and bedding…
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