Timber Furniture Care: Do's & Don'ts

Timber Furniture Care: Do's & Don'ts

Timber furniture is diverse and has unique characters, each with its own story told through the colours and textures. Oak brings rich hues, while walnut gives a warm hug. These differences make each piece special, creating a delightful mix on the canvas of wood.

The colors may play a bit from one piece to another, and that's not just fine—it's the wood showing off its personality. We love these quirks, seeing them as charming features, not flaws. You might notice knots, an intriguing grain pattern or mark, knot holes, or inclusions; all part of nature's artistic touch and nothing to worry about.

Now, how do you keep your timber buddy happy and healthy? Here's our easy guide:


  • Wipe away surface dust with a clean damp cloth.
  • Gently wipe along the grain with a soft dry cloth—no circular motions, please.
  • Always be kind and use placemats to shield timber from hot surfaces.
  • Act swiftly! Spills, especially the party-loving kind like alcohol, need an immediate wipe-down with a damp cloth.


  • Keep timber away from direct sunlight and extreme humidity—it's not a fan.
  • Say no to glass covers on your furniture tops; they might make your timber sweat.
  • Resist the urge to bring out the heavy-duty silicones in general household cleaning products.
  • Be considerate—hot or icy abrasive items should steer clear of your timber surfaces.
  • Liquid or damp cloths overstaying their welcome on timber surfaces? Not a good idea.

So, there you have it—a simple recipe for maintaining the glow of your timber buddy. Treat it with the love and care it deserves, and watch it age gracefully, telling tales of every laugh, spill, and shared moment. Here's to a home filled with the warmth of timber and the stories it holds!

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