Winter tips for your home

Winter tips for your home

As winter settles in, there's nothing quite as exciting as transforming our homes into a cosy haven that provides warmth and comfort. Do you feel that way too? Here are some easy and practical tips to help you get your home ready for winter.

Warm Textures

One of the simplest ways to create a snug atmosphere is by adding warm textures to your living spaces. Think of plush cushions, cosy throws, and soft blankets in rich, warm colours. These textiles not only add a layer of comfort but also bring visual warmth to your rooms.

Timber furniture serves as the perfect backdrop for these additions. The natural wood tones complement the rich hues of winter textiles, enhancing their cosy appeal. Imagine your timber bed draped with a thick, knitted blanket or a timber sofa adorned with textured cushions. The contrast between the hardwood and soft fabrics creates a balanced, inviting look that beckons you to relax and unwind.


 Layered Lighting

Winter days are shorter and nights are longer, making lighting an essential part of your home’s winter decor. To create a warm and inviting glow, use a mix of lighting sources such as floor lamps, table lamps, and candles. Layered lighting helps create different zones of light, making your space feel more intimate and comfortable.

The natural tones of timber furniture reflect light beautifully, adding to the ambiance. A timber bedside table with a soft-glow lamp can create a cosy reading nook, while candles placed on a timber dining table can set a warm, inviting tone for meals. Experiment with different light sources to find the perfect balance that makes your home feel like a sanctuary.

Bring Nature Inside

Bringing natural elements indoors can help create a serene and calming environment, perfect for winter relaxation. Incorporate wooden furniture and green plants to add a touch of the outdoors to your home. The organic feel of timber furniture pairs wonderfully with the freshness of indoor plants, creating a beautifully inviting space.

Consider placing potted plants on timber shelves or using timber planters to house your greenery. Not only do these elements add a touch of nature, but they also enhance the natural beauty of the wood. The combination of timber and plants can make any room feel more alive and welcoming, even in the midst of winter.

Cosy Corners

Create cosy corners in your home where you can retreat and unwind. Use timber furniture to define these spaces, adding plush rugs and comfortable seating. A timber armchair frame paired with a plump cushion, a knitted throw and a good book can become your favourite winter spot.

The durability and timeless appeal of timber furniture ensure that these cosy corners will remain stylish and functional throughout the seasons.


Our Top Pick: Markus Solid Timber Bed

Our top pick for winter is the Markus Solid Timber Bed. This exquisitely crafted bed adds a touch of sophistication to your bedroom sanctuary. With a ledge all around, the Markus is low-lying by design and combines sleek lines with a robust frame. 

Handmade with love in our Melbourne workshop, the Markus bed is a testament to quality and craftsmanship. Imagine curling up on a cold winter night, surrounded by the natural warmth of beautifully crafted timber & an upholstered headboard. 




Explore our collection and find the perfect additions to your home this winter. 

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