Mubu Production Lead Time

Our lead time for production is currently around 12 weeks from the date of order.

Lead times can vary and we kindly ask you for your patience – shortages of materials locally and worldwide, shortages of staff and other delays (due to Covid 19) have unfortunately become part of our lives and factors that can impact on our ability to be extremely precise with lead times. Quality is worth the wait 🙂

NB1:please note that we do not have a fast tracking option (birthdays, guests, bedroom make overs and other personal projects unfortunately do not change our ability to produce our orders faster).

NB2: Dispatch date does not mean delivery date. Dispatch is the date on which a product leaves our workshop, it does not equal the arrival time at your destination. The latter will depend on the product you have ordered, the delivery service used, their availability at the time of booking and also your location within Australia. Only our service suppliers can confirm a delivery date with you, we do not control or have access to their scheduling.