The Importance of a Good Modern Bed Base

The Importance of a Good Modern Bed Base
It’s often overlooked, but your bed base is a vital component of your bed and sleeping experience. Of course, some people prefer to simply have a mattress on the floor, but they may find they grow out of this once they understand the benefits of a solid base or frame.
Your bed base offers support
The main reason you need a bed base is to support the mattress, which in turn supports you. The base secures your mattress in place and provides extra firmness with a small amount of “give”. It also prevents the mattress from sliding about as you get in and out of bed and move around while you’re in bed. On its own, your mattress can’t support your sleeping body and a mattress on the floor also makes it difficult to get up, especially if you have mobility issues.
Your bed base provides better airflow
If your mattress is held above the floor by your bed base then it’ll probably get more airflow than it would on the floor. Slatted bed bases offer even more aeration, which is important for coolness, dryness and comfort as you sleep. An elevated bed base keeps you safe from mould and bugs. If your mattress doesn’t get enough air, then it can become damp, leading to the growth of moulds and bacteria. You might also find more insects in your bed as they have an easier journey into your sheets!
Your bed base can also look great
By choosing an attractive and functional bed base, you can add interest and appeal to the look of your bedroom. Check out our Mubu Bed Base and Lou Bed Base, 2 of our most popular products.

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