Create the Perfect Relaxing Bedroom with Modern Timber Beds

Create the Perfect Relaxing Bedroom with Modern Timber Beds
Your bedroom should be your sanctuary, where you retreat to at the end of each day, ready to fall into a blissful slumber so that you wake up the next morning, ready to face the new day ahead.
For many people, however, restful sleep is hard to come by because their bedroom is uncomfortable, too noisy, too light, too busy. Even when you turn out the main lights, you may have something blinking, buzzing or humming, preventing you from truly relaxing. Here’s how to make sure your bedroom really is your ideal retreat.
Get rid of as much tech as possible
No gadgets, tablets, laptops or brightly-lit mobiles. No TVs or loud radios. You shouldn’t be bringing the outside world into your bedroom, which means no “quick email to the office”, no “just checking the news”. Make this space the one place you have where nothing matters except relaxation. Have simple, solid and functional furniture in there. Choose well-made, plain, comfortable items of furniture that do the job without making themselves too obvious. No frilly bits, pointy bits or overly-complicated folding sections. If you can include one or two pieces that multi-task, even better; think blanket box that doubles as a seat, for example. You need to be able to walk into your bedroom and trust everything in it.
Hang drapes or curtains
This is especially important during the summer months so that you’re not woken too early in the mornings. Gorgeous curtains also add to the comfort factor without you being aware of it – they just look luxurious and can also act as a baffle for external noise.
Maintain a cool temperature
If you’re too hot then you won’t sleep well, so do what it takes to create and maintain a comfortable temperature. If this means a gentle ceiling fan, or just using a couple of heavyweight bedsheets rather than blankets or duvets, then go for it. Those thick curtains can help to keep out the sunlight and heat during summer, as well as keeping heat in during the cooler months.
Above all, when you walk into your bedroom, you should have that feeling of having taken your shoes off after a long day. It can be done…

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