Colour Me Danish: Making Modern Furniture Look Effortless

Colour Me Danish: Making Modern Furniture Look Effortless

Many are crazy about Danish right now...

and the great thing about this style is that it’s almost effortless to achieve. It’s all about muted colours and minimalism. When most people think of “Scandinavian” design and décor, it’s actually Danish that they’re conjuring up.

The basics

Danish home décor is structured and minimalist – bare floorboards, white walls, clean lines and no clutter. The colour, such as it is, comes from small touches like cushions, throws, lamps and simple ornaments. Windows tend to be big and without drapes, as there needs to be as much light coming in as possible.

The history

The Danish modern period started in the 1920s and espoused Bauhaus design principles – pure lines based on ergonomics and the human body. Many classic pieces from the 1940s are still in demand today. Scandinavian designers believe that good design improves life and that it should be affordable to all.

The colours

Or rather, the monochromes! The idea of just one or two colours against a neutral (most often white) background is typical Danish. The colours come from well-placed accessories like lights, rugs and non-fussy ornaments. A good way to start your Danish journey is to remove any unnecessary items from a room and see how much space it frees up. Remember, every object in a room not only takes up space, but it has a “clearance” zone around it – the space you give it so you don’t bump into it. It really adds up.

The heating

Most Danish homes have a wood burning stove, often in the corner. Additionally, Scandinavian homes are very well insulated, so there’s no need for thick curtains or drapes – de-clutter further by using simple blinds or light muslin curtains.

The soft furnishings

This is where the colour comes in and most Danes change their soft furnishings with the seasons. Cushions, throws and rugs change colour and material – cotton in the summer, wool and furs in the winter. This changes the look of a room without any real effort and adds variety and interest.


Hygge means homeliness or cosiness and Danes create this feeling with candles, to dispel the gloom of winter and give off a welcoming glow.

See our next blog post for tips on how to bring some 'hygge' into your home.

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