Seven Ways to Nordic-ise Your Home

Seven Ways to Nordic-ise Your Home

There’s nothing like Scandinavian design...

... at once functional and comforting, pared-down and yet welcoming. The Nordic folk have made a virtue out of necessity and use every sparse resource – including light – to create homes that invite visitors in with that inimitable breezy Scandinavian way. Here’s how to bring the north to your home!

Get wooden floors

Carpets are something of a no-no in Scandinavian homes, as they’re considered unhygienic and hard to care for. Most Nordic homes have wooden floors – floorboards, parquet or even laminate – everywhere, except for the bathrooms, which tend to be tiled.

Look to your palette

Scandinavian décor is as cool and spacious as the winter countryside. There’s white walls, with pale wood and the occasional splash of colour from fabrics and paintings. Blue is a popular colour, although you only have to look at the amazing designs of Marimekko to see how they do bold colours up north.

Wood, wood and more wood

One resource they do have in Scandinavia is trees, so wood features prominently in most homes. They have wall claddings, floors (see above) and on ceilings. If you are using a lot of pine, try a grey oil to mute the bright yellow a bit.

Form and function

No fuss, no frills. Scandinavian design is pretty much the height of form and function in harmony. Clean lines, nothing in the way. This applies to architecture, design, clothes. It’s a state of mind…

The furniture, the furniture…

Arne Jacobsen, Alvar Aalto… It must be in the genes, because those Scando types just live and breathe ergonomics. There’s so much to choose from and those designs never seem to date.

A corner fireplace

Despite the savage winters, those understated Nordic types don’t make their fire or wood-burner a focal point in a room. They house the burner in a column and tuck it away in a corner. Why? Because they just do, and so can you.

Install eco-friendly tech

The Swedes lead the way in green living. They have triple-glazing, ground source heat pumps, wind turbines, you name it. You can have all this AND install solar panels and solar heating – that’s one thing Oz can do better than Sweden!

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