Compact & Bijou? Check this out!

Compact & Bijou? Check this out!
If you’re about to move into a smaller home...

or you’re fitting out an annexe or basement for a teenager, then you need to box clever with your interior space. The trick is to fit what you need into the space but still have easy access to it as and when. Here’s how you do it.
Use your walls
All that vertical space tends to go to waste in larger rooms and homes, but if space is at a premium, then it should be brought into play. Think about using racks, hooks and even poles as storage for pans, clothes and even bikes or musical instruments. They’re off the floor and out of the way.
Use zones
Make sure each area is obvious – the dining area, the sleeping area, the relaxation area… Use rugs to create colour-coded zones or use backless shelves as storage and dividers. Multi-tasking furniture like this is ideal in smaller areas.
Use as much vertical storage as possible
It's not all about the poles and the racks; try installing some overhead storage for the things you don’t use every day. You might need a handy kickstep to open those cupboards, but if it’s seasonal clothes and equipment you’re keeping in there, then that’s not much effort, all told.
Use a light, airy and bright colour scheme
This doesn’t apply just to walls, floors and ceilings, either. Try to use furniture and other fittings that are either light or bright. The last thing you need in a small space is bulky, dark-coloured wardrobes and tables dominating what little space you have. Opt for light – in terms of colour and weight – pieces that have slats or gaps in so they don’t create a walled-in feeling.
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