Living with Less

Living with Less
People have lots of different motivations...

for wanting to live with less – they may be traveling, going to college or just experimenting with a simpler life for a while. Whatever your reasons for wanting to shed…stuff, you’ll find it’s a process rather than a single swipe. This is what you need to do.
Create an inventory of your possessions
If you don’t know what you have, you won’t know where to start. If you find that you’re taking a few weeks to catalogue everything, then you really have too much stuff and three of your four cafetières can really go to the charity shop.
Aim for multi-purpose items
If it doesn’t serve more than one purpose, ditch it. Think about the milk frother and the garlic press… You’ve got a whisk and a wide-bladed knife, right? You know what to do.
Don’t go too far
No-one’s asking you to live in a cave with a rustic table and one earthenware bowl. If there’s a few items that you just can’t do without even though you don’t need them, then so what?
For example, if you have a set of tea glasses and a special teapot that you’ve always had and you use them every day with a certain amount of ceremony, then they’re going nowhere! To be fair, they also make great ornaments (see tip above…).
Keep the 12-month rule
If you haven’t used something in more than 12 months, then you can live without it. This rule prevents Christmas decorations and other seasonal items from hitting the bin just because you don’t use them daily or weekly.
Do a second purge
Once you’ve done your first clear-out and you’re all re-balanced and cleansed (or whatever your aim is) then have a second look for things that could – ahem – make someone else’s life easier. You could, for example, give your Bundt pans to your neighbour but then borrow them for a day or two when Christmas rolls around. It’s nice to be nice…
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