Housewarming Gift Ideas

Housewarming Gift Ideas

Housewarming Gift Ideas

Moving into a new home is exciting especially if it’s your own home, as a new chapter of your life is beginning.  However, those of you who have experienced this know how stressful and tedious it could be -- from the unpacking, furniture shopping down to arranging the whole house.

The silver lining is when everything finally comes together, all those tiredness and stressfulness will fly away as you are ready to open the doors of your new home. This is where housewarming comes in. It is a popular tradition of welcoming your family, friends and even neighbors to your home. It's customary for guests to show up with a gift.

The reason behind the gifts (aside from manners and tradition) is the thought that you want to help your friend fully settle in their new home and of course as an acknowledgement of the milestone.

When did the housewarming tradition started?

Housewarming get-togethers are said to have originated in France. It is a “thank you” dinner for those who have helped the owners build the house. Guests usually brings in some firewood to warm the house (hence the term), creating a warm and pleasant atmosphere. According to Merriam-Webster, the term was first coined in 1577! So this tradition really goes way back.

Traditional housewarming gifts

Back then, giving gifts is also a symbolic gesture with each gift having a corresponding well wishes.

Here are some examples of traditional housewarming gifts and its meaning and what you can give as a modern-day substitute.

Bread- it is blessing the owner of the house that “may they never experience hunger”

Modern day substitute: you could up the ante for this and give gourmet treats, cakes or bread in a very nice packaging like ribboned baskets and more. You could also add in a little bit of more love by baking it yourself.


Salt- for a life “full of flavour”, while some say that it’s for good luck

Modern day substitute: how about a nice set of salt and pepper shakers? Or perhaps the healthy pink Himalayan salts or the natural ionizers and calming Himalayan salt lamps.

Bluebirds- a wish for happiness

Modern day substitute- you can give a lovely framed painting or sketch of bluebirds. Figurines and hand painted coasters with bluebirds design would also be nice.

Wine- conveys wishes for joy and prosperity and that no one in the house will experienced thirst

Modern day substitute – you could still give wines of course, there are a lot of choices! Or you could also gift them with wine-related gifts like decanters and wine stoppers or some witty frames with wine-related theme

Wood- the giving of wood means prayer of peace, warmth and harmony

Modern day substitute- this gift will be exciting as you have lots of alternatives! From personalised wood wall arts, wooden kitchen items, and even smaller furniture like bedside tables, coffee tables and more!

Plants- this is given to wish owners a prosperous life

Modern day substitute- the giving of plants is another easy gift especially with indoor plants becoming a trend nowadays. You can check out our article on indoor plants for ideas! (link)

Candles- they say that giving of candles means “lights the way for a joyous life”

Modern day substitute- beautiful scented candles (choose ones with relaxing scents like lavender); you can also give candles meant as decorative centerpieces or if you have a “forgetful” friend, LED candles could also be an alternative.

More housewarming gift ideas

Personalised framed “new home” sign - this personalised gift is a nice gesture to commemorate the purchase of a new home. You can add details to this item like name, year that they moved in and more. The owners will surely keep this memento.

Key holders/ key wall rack – there are a lot of designs to choose from, like the popular His and Hers keyholders or you could also have it personalised to match the personality of the homeowners. This is a great idea, as owners will surely used it on a daily basis to keep their keys safe.

French press – if the homeowner is a coffee aficionado, why not give him/her a French press? This simple brewing item could range from stoneware, glass to stainless steel, you have a wide selection. Every time they will make a cup of good coffee, they will surely remember you.

Organic pantry spice kit- this is one of those items that are easily forgotten when moving in a new place. Sometimes it will take months to fully furnish the pantry area. Giving pantry spice kit is a good start for their pantry area. We saw an interesting pantry spice kit, the twist is the spice jars are magnetic and could be put in the fridge door! Search the net and there are surely a lot of quirky design to choose from.

Aromatherapy gift set + diffuser- give your loved ones the gift of relaxation with soothing scents! There are a lot of scents to choose from, you can even consider the organic, cruelty-free and eco-friendly ones.

Handmade basket- why not give a neutrally-coloured basket? They could use it as storage for items, like toys, magazines, pillows and more plus it could even double as a hamper. We specially love the rattan-made baskets (they can even use it as an accent!)! A practical and thoughtful gift.

There is still a long list of ideas to consider. We at Mubu suggest that gifts could either be fun, practical, memorable and useful.  Match it with the personality and needs of the new homeowners! xx


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