Why you can't have too many indoor plants

Why you can't have too many indoor plants
Autumn has already started and this wonderful time of the year brings in an amazing burst of colours—hues of champagne, orange, reds, gold and browns. Don’t you just love to look at the trees, the beautiful landscape and fallen leaves on the ground?
The vibrant colours will not only uplift your mood but also cast a spell with its picturesque beauty. However, the season is not meant to last, and those amazing colours will turn dull once the season changes. And we're not looking forward to that so let's all turn towards our indoor plants and to bring more nature and spirit into our homes.
If you are not convinced, here are some more reasons why we can NEVER have too many green plants in our homes:
A home comes to life with indoor plants. In spring and summer we take all our green plants onto our deck for watering and we honestly feel like we are in the process of moving out... We cannot wait to bring all the plants back in and start breathing and feeling home again. Plants help create a warm and uplifting atmosphere and they accentuate your home. There definitely is a long list of choices when it comes to finding the plant or plants that suits our taste – from succulents, herbs, fresh flowers, trailing plants and even trees (you’ve read it right! You can definitely bring trees inside your homes).
Plants help combat stress and negative emotions
We may say that stress is normal and even negative emotions too. It is definitely true, but it doesn’t mean that we should allow those to take away our joy as much as possible. Having plants is one of the proven ways to help reduce stress, tiredness and negative emotions. From the energy boosting snake plants down to calming lavender, plants can bring in “natural healing” in your home. 
Plants improve our productivity, our moods and they even spark creativity
If you feel a bit uninspired, placing indoor plants in your home (and workplace) will definitely give you the boost that you need.  According to numerous studies, nature evokes creativity, it can uplift your mood and improve productivity (by 15%). One theory is that with green being one of the most “soothing” colours, incorporating it to your home can only be a positive move for you with its calming and rejuvenating effect. If one is happy, collected and generally in a better mood, it follows that there will be a considerable difference in productivity rate and creativity.
Plants naturally purify the air
Did you know that the air quality inside your home is actually worse than the air outside? The reason being is that your home creates a confined space, trapping pollutants, bacteria, viruses, outdoor pollens and more that comes in. While you can always open the window regularly for better air flow, having plants inside your home can actually help purify the air. One of the most popular indoor plants to consider is the Peace Lily, as it is said to purify the air by as much as 60%. Another option is the Devil's Ivy / Pothos, not only is this plant great for beginners (easy to maintain), it is also great in purifying the air and even helps eliminate odours. Snake plant is also a good choice, as it absorbs toxins in the air and uniquely releases oxygen at night (perfect plant for the bedroom) 
Plants can be divinely fragrant
Yes, plants can bring colour and vitality in our homes, but some also have pleasant smells that could rejuvenate your senses. You can now say no to artificial air fresheners and choose nature’s best. Some of the plants that you can try are eucalyptus, plumeria, indoor citrus, lavender, jasmine, mints, lily of the valley and lemon balms. Scents could be flowery and sweet to refreshingly minty or even warm with a hint of spice. We love this.
Caring for plants brings a feeling of accomplishment
This idea might be a bit a little strange, but for plant lovers, a sense of pride and accomplishment comes with taking care of plants. And of course, you could also experience this. How? The nurturing act that you give to plants becomes rewarding as you see saplings grow into full adulthood. Knowing that you are instrumental to the growth brings in the feeling of accomplishment, making you feel good about yourself. Think of it as your personal badge of honour.
The list of benefits of having a plant goes on and we hope that you are now convinced to either tap into your green thumb or to add a few more plants into your home to get yourself mentally ready for winter. There are several ways in which you can create your little oasis at home through plants. The easiest way will be of course through potted plants and flowers. You can put all these fresh accents anywhere, from the bedroom (link to past article) down to your bathroom (achieve the spa feels!). You can also consider creating a “green wall”, this is of course a much bigger project, but having a vertical garden in your living room is an impressive feature that you can add in your interior designing game.
We’ve also mentioned trees earlier, and we tell you, this is very doable, you just have to have large planters and place it strategically around your home.  Think olive trees for instance. 
Nature is a gift to us, and if you have few opportunities to regularly commune with nature and reap its benefits, you can always bring it inside with you. xx

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