The Essence of Contemporary Modern Furniture

The Essence of Contemporary Modern Furniture
Contemporary means “of the moment” or “current”

and for us, when it comes to our bed designs contemporary means that it will last for way longer than a season.
When you update your interiors and want to be mindful of what and how much you buy in a highly consumerist society, you’ll be hoping that the furniture you purchase will stay on trend for a few years, so the trick is to keep things subtle. And at MuBu we like to keep things subtle, and simple. If you include anything that’s too of the moment, it’ll date before you know it and you’ll have to either live with it or rip it all up and start again – which you don’t necessarily want to / or can do.
So here is our top tips on how to get your money’s worth when it comes to purchasing items for your home:
Strike a balance between form and function
In a world where you can have a rose gold brushed steel kettle, it’s all very tempting to go as fancy as you can. However, natural always lasts longer, so just the brushed steel will do. Similarly, when it comes to furniture, aim for pared-down, unfussy and comfortable rather than flouncy, busy and instantly-datable. Refrain from choosing form over function and if you ever are really stuck between the two, always choose function.
Choose neutral colours
Try and stick to neutral shades indoors. This doesn’t mean that you have to live without colour, but you can add this with your soft furnishings so that you can swap them out (hello linen cupboard!) and replace them much more easily.
Focus on lighting
One thing that’s really come to the fore in recent years is innovative and flexible lighting. There’s also layered lighting, which is a posh way of saying overhead lights, soft lamps and spotlights for task areas. You can mix and match angles, brightness and even colours to create an effect, especially if your walls and floors are neutral.
Don’t get too hung up on a specific period
Modern interiors aren’t afraid to have a bit of 1950s Scandinavian, some 1970s Italian and even a bit of op-shop kitsch all combined to create a whole and a home you love because it’s unique just like you and reflects your personality. You don’t have to go all in into one or another; it’s all about subtleness & moderation in our eyes.
With Love,
MuBu x

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