Create More Space in Your Living Room with Modern Furniture

Create More Space in Your Living Room with Modern Furniture Your Living Room

Sometimes you might feel like the walls are closing in on you and you wonder how to get more space to move, relax and breathe in your living spaces. Take a few minutes to think before you start knocking walls down or hiring a skip, though, because you can create more space without resorting to wholesale destruction!
Bring in a few mirrors
Part of making a space feel more, well, spacious, is to give yourselves the illusion that there’s more space. The best way to do this is to hang a few mirrors up to reflect light and space. It’s an old-fashioned trick, but it works.
Look upwards
If you have piles of books on tables, or you have ornaments that you like to display, think vertical rather than horizontal. Fix up some tall, wide but shallow shelving units so that you have lots of space to store things without encroaching too much on the floor space.
Try to get rid of at least one item of furniture
It could be the coffee or side table that you use to put all your knick-knacks on. Alternatively, it could be that chair in the corner that juts out and takes up more space than it justifies. You could just get rid of it or maybe replace it with a smaller, more ergonomic chair or even a bean bag.
About smaller furniture…
Many items of furniture are necessary, but they’re just a few centimetres too wide, too big, too there. See what you can do about replacing them with smaller versions. Just freeing up a few square centimetres can make a huge difference to the feeling and the “flow” of a space. If you don’t have to dodge sharp corners or turn sideways anymore, you could almost be on a mountain top…
Use lighter shades
If your living room has anything dark in it, like furniture, a rug or the walls, then replace some or all of these things with lighter, brighter versions. If you have bulky drapes or curtains, then think about using blinds that sit inside the window recess. At the very least, you can repaint the walls in a light shade.
We hope you'll find these few tips useful!
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