The Essence of MuBu | Enjoy Timeless, Modern Furniture

The Essence of MuBu | Enjoy Timeless, Modern Furniture
Sometimes it’s great to have

over-the- top design – it’s fun to see how far form can break free of function without looking utterly ridiculous; or even looking a bit weird but getting away with it ;-) (the Alessi citrus squeezer, anyone?).
At other times, though, and especially at home, you just want an object to do its job efficiently and to look good. If something does the job it’s meant for, it automatically looks good because it fits. This is never more the case than with Scandinavian design – it doesn’t follow fashion, it’s spare, clean and unfussy. It’s durable and eternal, reliable and understated, as well as beautiful.
Egalitarian design
MuBu has always aimed to capture this essence and make it available to as many people as possible. Good quality, hand-made furniture doesn’t come cheap – and nor should it – but it shouldn’t be out of reach. What homeowners should aim for is to bring in a few top-notch, well-designed and made pieces to enhance their lives. Most people’s basics are beds, tables, sideboards, shelves and cabinets, as well as chairs and sofas. Anything else is pretty much just decoration – desirable but not essential.
Just enough…
These essential items should be a part of the family – there to rely on, but not shouting about themselves or taking up unnecessary room. Much of this quality comes from excellent design that doesn’t just take function into account but places it on a par with form. No rough edges, no out-of-balance features. Each piece of furniture should fit into its place and its
role, without drawing too much attention to itself – whether by being gaudy or by being in the way.
By choosing furniture from MuBu, you’re joining the generations of people who carved a living out of an often-inhospitable environment; who got by with just enough (in a good year) and so learned to make the most of what they had. Lagom didn’t spring from nowhere…
MuBu x

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