Your Nordic Garden

Your Nordic Garden

Use natural colours
There’s been a tendency in recent years to use vibrant and unnatural colours outside. There’s nothing wrong with this, of course, but you’ll lose your Nordic-cred if you don’t stop! Try greens, gentle reds, whites and even greys to blend in with nature. The same goes for things like fences and paths – no luminous paths and metal fences – think about how you can under-engineer these features.
Let your garden breathe
Don’t box or fence it in; don’t try to prune hedges and shrubs into unnatural shapes – let them do their own thing. Let a few stray blooms grow from cracks and don’t be in such a hurry to snip off dead-heads.
Work with your garden
Whatever your soil is like, and whatever your light is like, there will be some plants that just love it and need very little cajoling to flourish. Focus on these (although you don’t actually need to focus…) and leave the ones that take up all your time because they can’t get along with your conditions.
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